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Collaboration that’s driving technology transformation for rail shipping.


Rail’s First Innovation Joint Venture

RailPulse is a collaborative effort among TrinityRail and other leading companies in the rail industry that believe creating a neutral, open-architecture, industry-wide railcar telematics infrastructure is what’s required to keep freight rail competitive in the 21st century. The data that RailPulse aggregates, integrates, and secures in an industry-standard platform makes it possible to monitor the location, condition, and health of railcars across the North American fleet.


Through the coalition’s establishment of a shared single source of truth in rail, the North American Rail Network can become more visible, more efficient, and safer for all who rely on it.

RailPulse, a joint venture between TrinityRail and other industry leaders, logo in black and blue coloring.

Areas of Focused Innovation

Shipment and Railcar Visibility

Improving 24/7 railcar reporting across parameters like location, condition, and status.


Simplified Shipper Experience

Enhancing the experience for shippers through telematics and GPS data.


Accelerated Adoption

Streamlining the pathway to next-gen technology adoption by tailoring to rail’s unique needs.


Enhanced Safety

Leveraging telematics monitoring capabilities to stay ahead of railcar and track safety hazards.


Unified Technology Standards

Amplifying security and simplicity by standardizing telematics operating procedures industry-wide.


Lower Operational Costs

Using every telematics tool available to us to lower costs and keep rail shipping competitive.


Elevating the Use of GPS Technology in Rail Shipping

The future of freight rail is centered on the adoption of GPS-based technology in order to provide shippers and customers with the level of insight they’ve come to expect. RailPulse is committed to leading the way.

Advanced Telematics That’s Changing Fleet Management

Through the innovation and adoption being led by RailPulse, fleet operators now have access to powerful telematics data that can power a new generation of freight rail logistics platforms.

A rail supply chain telematics example flowchart. The integrated end-to-end platform generates data from telematic sensors on a railcar and transmits the data from the car to RailPulse for standardization and storage. This data is extracted and delivered by TrinityRail to provide insights that will enhance visibility and support decisions.
A desktop computer screen and laptop screen featuring the user interface TrinityRail's freight rail logistics platform built to drive RailPulse coalition efforts forward.

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