As a leading provider of autoracks in North America, TrinityRail helps automotive companies deliver vehicles of any size, anywhere. We help get more vehicles from the assembly line to the driveway than any other railcar company.

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Delivering a commitment to the automotive industry.

TrinityRail is responsible for producing the majority of autoracks in service today in North America. Automotive companies rely on our autoracks to securely move their finished vehicles by rail.

We continue to lead the way with innovative products such as fully convertible autoracks, SealSafe Radial Doors®, and the TTM®, built for damage-free automobile transportation.


In addition to new autorack manufacturing, our Autorack Service Center in Cartersville, Georgia, delivers our RecertPlus® program providing recertification, general maintenance, and repairs for extending the life of your autorack fleet. Thanks to our integrated platform and industry leadership, TrinityRail is best positioned to meet any automotive transportation requirement.

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Tri-Level Autorack

Tri-Level autoracks are available featuring the SealSafe Radial Doors®. A variety of features are available to enhance operational efficiencies. TrinityRail autoracks can be fully convertible.

Bi-Level Autorack

Available is a full line of autoracks for transportation finished vehicles included bi-level autoracks. TrinityRail autoracks feature the SealSafe Radial Doors® and additional options for enhanced operational efficiency.

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