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Delivering new ideas

TrinityRail’s box car product line combines traditional designs with new ideas to provide greater operational efficiency for our customers.

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Delivering greater value for our customers.

Thanks to our history, market presence, and commitment to putting customers first, TrinityRail offers a complete line of box cars built to meet your specific business needs. We offer a diverse line of box cars ranging from traditional 50' and 60' cars to refrigerated cars and more.

Our box cars reflect our ongoing commitment to new product innovation. A variety of features optimize loading and unloading while promoting damage-free transportation.

Our product line, our new ideas, and our integrated platform of comprehensive services give us the ability to scale your fleet and create innovative solutions that help you make the most out of new business opportunities.

Complete solutions for every industry

From paper and pulp to automotive parts and perishable items, shippers require reliable, damage-free transportation. Our box car products and services help meet your unique handling and transportation needs no matter the goods you ship or the distance they need to travel.

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The new 60′-9″ and 50′-6″ EcoBox cars come with the same interior dimensions as our other standard box cars, but are lighter weight and feature a single 12′ plug door. With a higher load limit and added features, it’s an efficient and simplified solution for box car shippers.

Insulated EcoBox™

New from TrinityRail is the 60’-3” Insulated EcoBox. Features include fiberglass reinforced panels and insulation to promote the efficient rail transportation of temperature-sensitive products. Additional options are available.

39′-10 1/2” Box Car

39′-10 1/2″ Plate C box car for palletized cement and other similar products. A variety of options are available.

50′-6” Box Car

Available is a 50′-6″, Plate F box car with a variety of options to meet individual shipper requirements.

60′-9” Box Car

Our line of box cars includes a 60′-9″, Plate F car which offers a variety of options for individual shipper needs.

TrinCool™ 72′-3” Refrigerated Box Car

Our line of TrinCool™ refrigerated box cars includes a Plate F, 72′-3″ car with a variety of features to enhance thermal performance and operational efficiencies.

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