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Field Support

Field Support


TrinityRail® is committed to supporting our customers no matter where they are located. Our Field Support specialists can be quickly dispatched to your location to provide comprehensive training on all TrinityRail equipment, including proper loading and unloading procedures. We also offer proactive fleet inspections, maintenance, modifications and more.

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TrinityRail develops and provides on-site training curriculum and hands-on knowledge to ensure your employees, with support from our industry-leading expertise, can quickly turn actionable insight into real-time solutions. We offer specialized railcar training, including:

  • Complimentary Standard Training, featuring an overview of proper usage and best practices of your railcar and all mechanical aspects of the equipment, provided with each car delivery
  • Proper Loading and Unloading Training that provides best practices for loading and unloading, per accepted and reasonable industry standards
  • Tailored Training for your operational team, based on a review of your existing operating procedures and designed to improve operational efficiencies, in addition to reinforcing best practices
  • Hazardous Materials Regulations Training, performed at your railcar with your team members conducting loading and unloading operations, combining DOT HazMat General & Security Awareness Training (49 CFR 172.704) with Function Specific Training; participants are tested and receive a certificate of completion
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As a leading railcar provider, the TrinityRail team has the expertise to provide the inspection services required to better utilize the equipment in your fleet. Staying ahead of the curve is key to driving growth. We plan, conduct, report and monitor regular fleet inspections to minimize downtime.

  • Proactive Fleet Inspections included with Full-Service Lease or Fleet Management Solutions
  • Profile Inspections for Car Sale or Purchase to help evaluate your cars and their components, determine a fair current market value, and provide confidence when purchasing or selling your assets
  • Inspections for Projected Maintenance that provide evaluation and documentation to best determine future maintenance intervals or specialized required maintenance
  • Pre-Lease and Post-Lease Inspections that offer an objective and neutral evaluation, comprehensive documentation of car and component and exterior/interior conditions, and required corrective work
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The TrinityRail Field Support team is made up of professionals who know this business and can provide the answers when you need them most. We’ve seen it all and can apply that know-how to help you drive business goals.

  • Operations Evaluation
  • Repair, Maintenance and Service Consultation
  • An Expert Team focused on customer needs, evaluating all aspects of railcar operations and providing solutions to optimize the full potential of all assets
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Keeping you in motion throughout the rail life cycle requires expert knowledge and a company that’s on your side, not on the clock. Our experts are available 24/7 to provide the big and small solutions to power your business.

  • Problem Solving
  • Issue Resolution
  • Industry-Leading Expertise with the resources, experience and know-how to solve a wide variety of problems to keep your fleet moving


You can rely on TrinityRail to deliver trusted expertise, innovative solutions and supply chain optimization to keep your business rolling. Our Field Support team travels throughout North America, bringing knowledge and experience to your site in order to help overcome challenges, reduce downtime and build utmost confidence in your railcar operations.


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