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TrinityRail offers a variety of intermodal equipment and flat cars designed to help you efficiently load, unload, and deliver your products. From conventional flat cars to double-stack intermodal well cars, TrinityRail provides a wide range of products and services designed to meet your rail transportation requirements.

A flat well railcar painted red sits on the tracks in a wooded area

Delivering comprehensive intermodal and flat car solutions.

Our intermodal equipment is relied on by major shippers to move goods throughout North America. In addition, we provide a full line of conventional flat cars. Our flat car lineup provides everything you need to meet your shipping needs.

With our commitment to innovation, we continually work to expand our product line, develop new features, and provide greater benefits to help you ship products more efficiently and effectively.

Thanks to our integrated platform, TrinityRail is well positioned to provide the products and services you need to build your business.


We live in an interconnected world where goods travel around the globe to reach customers. The growth of intermodal transportation has enabled producers to bring goods to market more quickly and efficiently. As intermodal rail transportation grows, TrinityRail is here to provide the railcars and support needed to keep your goods moving.

See our Flat & Intermodal Cars

40′ Well Cars

Included in our intermodal product line are articulated and stand-alone 40′ well cars.

53′ Well Cars

Included in our intermodal product line are articulated and stand-alone 53′ well cars.

62′ Bulkhead Flat Car

Available are a variety of flat cars for multiple shipping needs, including a 62′ bulkhead car. A variety of options are available.

89′ Flat Car

89’4″ flat cars are available for automotive or general purpose cars for the transportation of various industrial products.

Learn more about our intermodal and flat car solutions.

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