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The theme for this year’s conference will be “Advancing in Today’s World.” Innovation has always been important in our industry, and during one of the largest economic crises in history, being prepared to pivot, adapt, and embrace change is crucial. This year we explore the impact of new health and safety protocols, the shift from in-person to a digital world and its effects on forging new relationships, the role of cybersecurity on the rail industry, and adapting to the new normal as things reopen.

CARS Annual Award Recipiants

Safety Award:

The CARS safety award recognizes initiatives and people’s safety innovation technological advancements outstanding achievements and any other positive influence a supplier has brought forward to improve the overall safety of the Rail industry. This year’s recipient developed a more streamlined automated and real-time safety management system to support all employees 24/7 on all projects.

Universal Rail

Diversity Award:

This award was established to recognize and celebrate businesses that champion diversity in their companies, leaders for developing and cultivating diverse strategies in their organization in addition to communicating the rationale for these strategies for employees.

The recipients of this award have been progressive in demonstrating continuous growth in developing partnerships with indigenous communities and businesses. Earlier this year they collaborated to make a bold statement to commemorate the unmarked graves at various former residential schools across Canada by having one of their boom trucks wrapped with their indigenous relations logo as well as the statement every child matters.

REMCAN & Falcon Equipment

Innovation award:

The Innovation award is for members that developed advanced or innovative technologies to meet the needs of the railway industry. This business contributes to making a strong and rapidly growing innovative industry and is creating a positive impact on rail and the community. The recipient of the innovation award has developed a web-based platform providing real-time intelligence to monitor cars and their freight from origin to destination. Maximizing work capital, protecting freight optimizing fleets and streamlining the Supply chain.