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PORTSMOUTH, New Hampshire, USA, January 8, 2024 – Cyclyx International, a consortium-based, post-use plastic innovation company with a mission to increase the recyclability of plastic from 10% to 90%, welcomes TrinityRail® as its newest member to the growing Cyclyx Consortium.

TrinityRail is North America’s premier railcar partner with over 140,000 leased and managed cars in its fleet. As a complete products and services provider (leasing, manufacturing, maintenance, and professional services), TrinityRail serves as an extension to businesses across verticals including automotive, agriculture, downstream chemicals, and consumer products. Maintaining their “follow the leader” spirit, TrinityRail becomes the first railcar manufacturer to join the Cyclyx Consortium. Together, Cyclyx and TrinityRail are exploring innovative ways to utilize rail assets, enabling access to more plastic waste materials and greater recyclability.

“We are thrilled to have TrinityRail join the Consortium,” says Ron Sherga, Vice President, Membership Engagement of Cyclyx. “As a sustainable, fuel-efficient option, moving goods by rail reduces greenhouse gas emissions and increases fuel efficiency compared to trucks. With TrinityRail’s large footprint in the United States, Canada, and Mexico, we see an opportunity to bring the necessary technology for aggregating post-use plastic in new areas with enhanced logistics.”

Driven by their purpose statement, “Delivering Goods For The Good Of AllTM,” TrinityRail emboldens dedication to protecting and preserving the environment through programs like their TrinityRail SRCTM (Sustainable Railcar Conversion), their recognition as an American Chemistry Council (ACC) Responsible Care Partner, including certification to the RC 14001® standard, and through their efforts as an Operation Clean Sweep® partner, committed to control plastic resin loss worldwide. TrinityRail SRC reuses and repurposes railcar components to give these existing materials a new lease on life, while reducing energy consumption and preserving resources. To date, this program has salvaged over 54 million pounds of raw materials! As an ACC Responsible Care Partner with RC 14001® certification, TrinityRail has been recognized for its commitment to waste minimization, reuse, and recycling. TrinityRail’s ingenuity and environmental stewardship align with the purpose of the Cyclyx Consortium and the 10to90 mission.

About TrinityRail

TrinityRail is the trade name used by Trinity Industries, Inc. (NYSE: TRN) to market the company’s railcar products and services. Trinity Industries, Inc., headquartered in Dallas, Texas, owns businesses that are leading providers of North American rail transportation products and services. The TrinityRail platform provides railcar leasing and management services, as well as railcar manufacturing, maintenance and modifications. Additionally, TrinityRail is an innovative leader in data solutions for supply chain management, rail shipment, and railyard management with its cloud-based platform, Trinsight®. For more information, visit:

About Cyclyx International, LLC.

Cyclyx International, LLC. (“Cyclyx”) is a post-use plastic innovation company working with industry participants to develop innovative recycling solutions for all types of post-use plastics. The company’s 10to90® mission brand is focused on increasing the recyclability of plastics from 10% to 90%. Cyclyx’s expertise in the chemical composition of post-use plastic, in collaboration with industry partners, creates a new, innovative supply chain. Cyclyx has been formed to be a consortium-based entity and since its founding, there have been a growing number of companies joining its membership. For more information, visit us at

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