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I am excited to bring you Trinity’s 2021 Interim Corporate
Social Responsibility report. When we published our first
report last year, our plan was to report every two to three
years. After reviewing the key milestones crossed during
2021, however, I’m happy to release this interim update of
our progress. Our strategic development includes a series
of significant enhancements.
First, we conducted a formal materiality assessment.
The assessment included identified ESG topics and
asked our stakeholders to prioritize Trinity’s ESG efforts.
The insights we learned will guide our strategy forward,
and we intend to repeat this survey periodically to
ensure stakeholder alignment.
Second, our environmental and safety data collection and
reporting have continued to mature. In this report, you will
find our updated index aligning to Sustainable Accounting
Standards Board (SASB) standards. Additionally, and in
conjunction with responding to the CDP questionnaire on
environmental impact, we have prepared our first index with
the Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures
(TCFD). These two indices provide a transparent look at
our environmental impact and will drive how we set goals,
targets and metrics moving forward.
Next, Trinity’s Diversity and Inclusion efforts further
integrated into our business processes with a refreshed
approach to our recruiting strategy, interviewing
slates, onboarding, and an increased set of feedback
processes to continually nourish improvement. The
momentum we have built through our collective
actions in recent months is palpable, and I’m confident
these enhancements are growing a culture ever more
Finally, at Trinity, we strive to enhance our customers’
supply chains. The release of our Trinsight™ technology
advanced our shared interest in the efficiency and
sustainability of fleet operations. Through a service
of advanced analytics and telematics, TrinityRail©
customers are provided a dashboard sharing a wide
array of data to help more efficiently, and in turn, more
sustainably, manage their operations.
We also established our Sustainable Railcar Conversion
Program, where we are able to repurpose and reuse
railcar materials and components and sustainably bring
renewed life to existing assets. Through this program,
we are able to decrease energy consumption and
preserve resources, while still addressing a changing
demand environment.
Our ESG strategy is gaining momentum across our
business, creating opportunities for even stronger
transportation solutions for our customers and our
communities and directly contributing to our core
mission of Delivering Goods for the Good of All.