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Sales Contacts

TrinityRail’s railcar sales team is available to assist you with your rail transportation requirements. Please feel free to contact the nearest member for new car pricing or lease information and well as additional information on TrinityRail’s service offerings.  For questions on railcar sales or leasing to industrial shippers please contact:

EASTERN U.S. & CANADA                               John Gallaher (Toms River, NJ) 732-270-2285 

SOUTHWEST U.S.                                         Mark Conley (Dallas, TX) 214-589-8712

MIDWEST U.S. & MEXICO                           Scott Merrifield (Chicago, IL) 312-980-1804

For Class I railroads please contact:

CLASS I RAILROADS                              Robert deGroot (Dallas, Tx) 864-979-4295


For Parts and Components support please go to www.trinityparts.com, or call Trinity Parts Customer Service at 800-336-7305.





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