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Customer Service

At TrinityRail, we believe conducting business should be easy and effective for all customers.  While your TrinityRail account manager is your primary face-to-face contact, each is supported by an individual customer service representative positioned to serve as your central point-of-contact within the TrinityRail organization.  Your assigned customer service representative is dedicated to understanding your business needs while working on your behalf. 

These service providers work closely with our sales organization as well as all other TrinityRail personnel to ensure your requests are handled promptly and efficiently.  When you need an issue addressed, your customer service representative stands ready to assist you and follow your request through to completion.

Some of the typical activities handled by your customer service representative include:
  • Providing order status information
  • Conducting order specification meetings
  • Assisting with car shoppings and schedules
  • Providing regulatory compliance and periodic inspection status
  • Resolving invoice issues
  • Supplying documents, reports, asset information, drawings, and other requested materials
  • Assisting with “on lease / off lease” activities
  • Coordinating shipping instructions between customers and our locations
  • Arranging for field service assistance
  • Providing website support

Our customer service team is dedicated to providing premier support to our business partners.  Please contact our customer support team at customer.service@trinityrail.com.




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